Meet a Wedding Planner in bangkok

joe chayawat panjaphadee

Wedding and Events Planner


We have organized many events and this experience helped us a lot, but we have continued to study in
order to have a complete training and to be competitive.


We like to listen to the needs of the couple. Many of them have original ideas for their wedding and we are very gratified when we plan and develop their project exactly as they imagine. Each event is truly unique and unrepeatable and we turn dreams into reality with our careful work. We are very gratified when a couple of newlyweds say thank you sincerely.


We love all colors and we like to create a chromatic harmony according to the theme of the event. Each wedding is inspired by something and has its colors. However, we love the typical Mediterranean style of our country, full of nuances between blue and green that remind the sea and the countryside.


We like to find different themes for marriage even though many couples follow the trend that fashion is currently proposing, often inspired by the proposals that they see on the Internet, with the risk of being not so original. Our goal is to make their marriage unique and we like to

I decided that if I was going to embark
on a new career in wedding planning
then I wanted to doso correctly
and professionally.

What transferable skills have you gained
from your career as a Solicitor?

As a practicing Solicitor, I acquired vital time management, research and problem-solving skills. I have
handled significant caseloads, carrying up to 100 cases

That required immense organisational skills, attention to detail and an ability to prioritise while working under pressure – all things I’ve most definitely employed as a wedding planner!

Working in the litigation field I have also gained invaluable technical and negotiation skills. These have proved particularly useful when reviewing and negotiating supplier contracts.

I’ve the added advantage in knowing precisely what contracts mean and how to make sure my clients are receiving the best possible service from their venue and suppliers!

What sets you apart from other planning services?

I offer a truly unique planning and design experience and firmly believe that my clients wedding planning journey should be just as memorable and pleasurable as their wedding celebration. For me, the planning process involves so much more than putting together a team of suppliers and coordinating and managing the logistics of their event.

When I initially set up my planning business I did so with the intention of creating a completely unique and immersive planning experience.

What advice would you give to any couples that are looking for design inspiration for their wedding day?

Be open minded and never rule anything out – at least initially! It’s a good idea to be receptive to other people’s advice and ideas. Also, start by asking yourselves: what distinguishes you as a couple.

Think about what you love doing together as a couple. What are your interests and passions? Identify them and try to incorporate some of those elements into your day.

The personal bits are so important: they can transform standard parts of your wedding day into things that become the most memorable elements of the occasion.